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CLUB 172

Want to thank everyone who made it to the show at Club 172!  Big thanks to Jessica Manalo, Mother Mercury, and Strange Mistress.  Kaylie Foster took some great shots so pictures of Leaving Springfield that include the FNG should be here soon.  Until then, here's this.  You're Welcome.HOBwBrad11.jpg


Sun, November 11, 2018 | link 

CLUB 172 November 11

We'll be at Club 172 inside the Rio this Friday, November 11.  Mother Mercury, Strange Mistress,and Leaving Springfield.  Show starts at 9pm. It's an 18+ show.  If you're 21+ it's a free show, 18-19 there's a $15 cover.BKMatt112617.jpgBrad isn't in this picture.  If he was, you'd be on your knees thanking us for the awesomeness.  The truth is you couldn't handle the awesomeness.  So we've really done you a favor.  We won't be so nice in the future -- Brad WILL be in the photos.  And you better get goggles, a welding helmet, lab coat, a pair a Sears Toughskin jeans, and some sunscreen.  Yeah, the future is that bright.  Here's a taste....LScarBradSun1.jpg


Wed, November 7, 2018 | link 

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