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Leaving Springfield returns to the studio


Leaving Springfield returns to the studio to begin work on an album slated for a Spring/Summer 2018 release tentatively titled "Mr. Motomath."  After the 2016 release of the much acclaimed "Welcome to the Party," the "trailer-twins" from Missouri added bassist Jim Campbell and the band performed as a trio for nearly a year, but with Campbell's departure in early 2017, there was speculation that the new album, and the band itself, was on indefinite hold. 

Tracking for the new album began in early November, and from the outside seems to be going well, without any of the studio fireworks the boys have been known for, though at the end of one take a voice could be clearly heard shouting, "Shut up, you ******** potato," a phrase often used by one the brothers Gallagher, another duo with a notoriously volatile relationship. 

BK and Matt claim that it is all part of the process.   BK states "we just leave the recording gear on and save everything.  We've already captured a lot of silliness and stress-relief.  We may put the most memorable moments together and include them as a bonus track." 

Matt said that to finally get started on the new album "gets the monkey off our back," but quickly added, "Make no mistake.  BK is a ******* potato." 

Damn!  I should write press releases for a living!  We sound awesome and interesting!  Here's the facts -- Yes, we started recording the album in November and its going great.  I could say we're in pre-production or whatever buzz word sounds good, but that would be bullshit.  We're playing music and someone is hitting a red button that says Record.  The Stop and Delete buttons get hit a lot as well...  Yes, someone got called a potato and laughter ensued.  We may put the best outakes and conversations together for a bonus track.  Yes, we're a duet again.  Life pointed Jim to the Northwest and he hopped on his motorcycle and never looked back.  It takes a lot of strength to make a new beginning and Jim was up to the challenge.  Making that decision to start over is one most people talk about, never do, and always regret.  We miss you buddy but are glad your world is getting brighter every day.  Finding someone to fill Jim's shoes will be tough.  I'm sure someone is up to the challenge...

Well, that's enough reality for one day.  We're looking forward to playing the new songs for you all.  Peace!

P.S.  Matt says I'm a ******* potato.  You're welcome, buddy.  You're welcome. 




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